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Crack for kseda

OMG! I can't believe I just wrote this!

Really, I should have my fandom membership card revoked.

But, kseda gave me the idea, so :P

This post is f-locked and will probable have a short shelf life. But I live to make my fellow fangirls happy. (Moony, this also falls under the heading of "The Queen is a dirty whore")

It had been going on for months; even with her magic diminished the Queen could see into a persons heart, so she had been interviewing all the Longcoats that held a rank above 'grunt'.

The interviews held to a pattern, the officer would be brought into the room where the Queen and several rebel leaders were waiting. The Queen would ask all the questions, then after the man was removed she would question the fighters and a verdict would be given the next day.

Hundreds of interviews passed this way, but then the pattern broke.


“How many are we seeing today, Marcus?” the Queen asked as she took her seat in the drawing room.

“Just one Ma'am.” the fighter replied.

The doors opened and the Queen gave a small gasp as Zero was brought in and knelt before her.

“Clear the room.”

“Your Majesty?” the order puzzled everyone.

“Will you disobey me?” She glared in turn at the men who had spoken up. “No? Then clear the room!”

The fighters quickly filed out, not daring to speak until the doors swing close.

“She will kill him for sure.” one said softly.

“We saw nothing.” the oldest snapped back. “Do you all understand? Nothing!”

Lavender placed her hand on the door until the knob glowed faintly, then she turned to face Zero.

“You're getting stronger.” he said with a smirk from where he still knelt.

“And you're the one kneeling.” she replied.

“Oh, this isn't the first time I've knelt before you.” the smirk widened “But this floor is harder then the sand.”

Lavender whipped a hand out and shoved Zero over, “I still have the globe, you could be back there in a flash.”

“The sand did tend to get everywhere.”

“That's what I thought.” Lavender said. She kicked off her shoes and moved to stand over Zero.

“Your Majesty,” Zero gasped dramatically “You seem to be missing your panties.”

“Well since your knees couldn't take the hard floor,” she straddled his chest “But your tongue seems to be as quick as ever, I thought I'd go first.” Zero's hands gripped her thighs and run a thumb under her buttocks as he took his first lick. Lavender shuddered and let out a sigh.

“What? The Consort not doing his duty?” Zero asked.

“Shut up.”

“Or does he still not know about this side of you?”

“When I said use your tongue I didn't mean to talk.” Lavender grabbed his hair and the pain put Zero back on task.

“Oh, yes.” Lavender finally let go when the pressure turned to pleasure.

“I never told you, but I was there when the Witch found your closet.” Zero rubbed his head to relieve some of the pain. “I didn't think anything could shock that women, but at that moment she turned green and nearly passed out.”

The soft pleasure Lavender was feeling melted away.

“But it did prepare her some what when she dug into the geeks mind. I on the other hand didn't think the little poof had it in him.”

“How dare you!” Lavender spat.

“What? Can't he remember the safe word any more?”

“If I say the word you would spend years chained to a rack!”

Zero smirked then suddenly sprung, grabbing Lavenders wrists and shoved her down on a sofa. “And that wouldn't turn you on at all would it?” He kissed her mouth, then started kissing down her neck. “Who would have thought that all the weird shit the Witch showed up, deep down was just a little girl playing dress up in mommy's clothes.” He bit the collar of her dress and pulled it out of the way. “But I would love to see you in that gold corset.”

“You keep this up and you'll be the one in the corset.”

“Yes, your Majesty.”
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